Finger crochet

Finger Crochet is easy. MUCH easier than knitting! Relax. You can start with the ‘finger crochet’ chain that kids do. Tie a loop in some yarn. Reach through the loop with two fingers and grab the yarn. Pull some of it through the loop (making a new loop). Reach through the new loop and grab the yarn…etc etc etc. All the rest of crochet is just variations on the this act. A crochet hook replaces you fingers. Which loop you reach through is up to you… the same one over and over? OK. Going through an old loop somewhere else … Continue reading Finger crochet

Using variegated yarn

This one shows up the stitches a bit better, but I still think longer stretches of colour? Bullion stitches have been introduced here as an easy stitch, using a latch hook. Still playing with variegated yarn. I am happy that this one shows up the puff stitch. Also on the ‘petal’ shapes, one colour in chain and the next slip stitch. Then slip stitches can easily be see round the edges too. Magic knots are used in this example. Still easy stitches, easy to see. Continue reading Using variegated yarn

Variegated yarn

This is an example of a scrumble jumble. Using easy stitches, chain, slip stitch, and puff stitch. It is not intended to be a work of art, more of a way of learning Freeform for absolute beginners. I have been looking at using variegated yarn because it is easier to see what is happening. In this first trial I used mostly lengths of yarn about 18 inches long. I think longer would be better. How long? I made variegated yarn using magic knots. See utube video. It was good to see that the magic knot joins can hardly be seen! … Continue reading Variegated yarn

Simple Chain Flower

MAKE A CHAIN FLOWER First make a short chain of 2 or 3 chains. ( you may use a large knitting needle to make the first chain bigger) This is your ring. Chain 8 and then hook into the ring with a slip stitch. Make 8 chain and hook into the ring again. Repeat until you have lots of petals around your ring. finish with a slip stitch. Continue reading Simple Chain Flower