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Latch Hooking for Beginners

It is the week before Christmas and I have just sent my Crochet book off to the printers. It should be for sale on Amazon in a couple of months! Meanwhile I am returning to this blog to share some of the ideas in the book. It is all about a fresh look at crochet using a latch hook! So it’s a new and exciting hobby. Kids get so absorbed in it. And it is mistake free learning, no dropped stitches ! Advertisements Continue reading Latch Hooking for Beginners

Using a latch hook…

I enjoy teaching beginners how to crochet with a latch hook as opposed to a traditional crochet hook because I believe that it is easier. Β I tell children that it is like having their own little machine. I also mention how knitting machines work with rows of similar latch hooks and that is how machine made knitted jumpers and cardigans are made. Giving a child a latch hook is in itself motivating. But seeing the resulting chain appear is a fascinating experience and as they succeed they often become absorbed in the process. Adults do too, as not a lot … Continue reading Using a latch hook…

Tunisian Crochet

One of the basic stitches introduced for latch hook crochet is Tunisian Simple Stitch. If worked with the upright stitch with two or three colours it is very easy to work this stitch with a latch hook. It is also easy to do, I think easier than knitting in the sense that you are casting on (picking up loops) and casting off. It’s an attractive and neat stitch. I love it. It doesn’t have to be square either. Continue reading Tunisian Crochet

Finger crochet

Finger Crochet is easy. MUCH easier than knitting! Relax. You can start with the ‘finger crochet’ chain that kids do. Tie a loop in some yarn. Reach through the loop with two fingers and grab the yarn. Pull some of it through the loop (making a new loop). Reach through the new loop and grab the yarn…etc etc etc. All the rest of crochet is just variations on the this act. A latch hook or crochet hook replaces you fingers. Which loop you reach through is up to you… the same one over and over? OK. Going through an old … Continue reading Finger crochet

Using variegated yarn… 2019 update! How to use variegated yarn in your Latch Patches

note date of this post. I was still experimenting here, but using own self made variegated yarn has become an essential part of teaching Latch Hook Crochet. Kids can see what is happening in their work better and also young ones enjoy the next colour yarn coming up!! This one shows up the stitches a bit better, but I still think longer stretches of colour? Bullion stitches have been introduced here as an easy stitch, using a latch hook. Still playing with variegated yarn. I am happy that this one shows up the puff stitch. Also on the ‘petal’ shapes, … Continue reading Using variegated yarn… 2019 update! How to use variegated yarn in your Latch Patches