Making Scrumbles as a basic skill, which with practice become an integral part of crochet which not only help with the learning process but they can become a personal, creative work of art.

5 October

HOW? The real answer to this is any way you like!! Have yarn , have hook, begin!! ( this is the way a 3 year old made her scrumbles)

One way is to begin with a slip knot. ( I am sure there are utube videos on how to make a slip knot, will come back to this later)Then start chaining and hooking in anywhere.

If you are teaching 8 children, or 14 ladies , or just having a go yourself….
Cut 3 different coloured thick (double knitting is good)yarns about 2 or 3 yards long. Lay them together and fold in half, tie a double knot( or slip knot) in the middle.
Start you scrumble by inserting hook into the knot and yarn over and pull up a loop.
Now you have 6 yarns to choose from to make your first scrumble. Start by making a chain. Then hook in anywhere, yarn over hook and pull through loop on hook. Repeat.
You will soon run out yarn so attach your next length of yarn any way you like. No rules .

5 October
Picking up stitches
Make more scrumbles.
Once you have learned how to chain and you have had a go at making scrumbles, then you can make another scrumble…..
Now you can see what happens if you pick up some stitches and keep them on your hook.
COMING SOON….casting off stitches..



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