Pick up more loops!

First make a chain! You are probably good at this now. Make it loose, you could use a large hook.

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When you are making your scrumble you may like to try keeping some loops on your hook.

First make a chain. Any length.

Then have fun picking up loops and keeping them on your hook.

Yarn over and pull through 2, 3 or more loops…. See what happens!


Hook in, Yarn over, grab and pull through.

Hook in same hole,

hook in, yarn over, grab and pull through again.

repeat as many times as you like.

start with just a few.

see what happens if you pull your yarn through some or all of them!!



19 October
Wall picture
Skills needed: chain , pick up 1 and slip stitch.
Freeform idea: the points on the sun are made by chaining 5, slip st into previous chain , chain 4. Could be used to shape petals or small leaves.
The flower petals are four chain , leave loop on hook, then hook into centre and chain 2, yarn over and pull through both loops on hook, chain 1,slip stitch2 on side of petal, slip stitch into centre.ooaahh…works well with 5 petals!


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