See what happens when you scrumble!!!

Your first attempts at scrumbling will likely result in a scrumble jumble, especially if you are a crochet beginner.

When you make more chains and more scrumbles, you will begin to see what is happening , especially if you experiment a bit more.

Wha can you do?cc

1, Yarn over and hook into the same hole.What happens?

2, Yarn over and pick up some loops on your hook instead of just one. What happens? How do you get back to one loop again? You could yarn over and pull through 2 loops at a time. You could pull through more, or all of them. What happens?

3, You could leave a few loops on your hook and chain again….

4, what happens if you yarn over and pull up a long loop, then yarn over, go into the same hole lots of times, pulling up long loops onto your hook?? Chain one.

Happy scrumbling!


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