Simple Chain Flower

MAKE A CHAIN FLOWER First make a short chain of 2 or 3 chains. ( you may use a large knitting needle to make the first chain bigger) This is your ring. Chain 8 and then hook into the ring with a slip stitch. Make 8 chain and hook into the ring again. Repeat until you have lots of petals around your ring. finish with a slip stitch. Continue reading Simple Chain Flower

Adding a new colour

HOW TO ADD A DIFFERENT COLOUR YARN TO YOUR SCRUMBLE No rules here at all. Attach it any way you like! Kids may like to tie it on to the scrumble or tie it to the end of the previous colour. You may hook it through your scrumble anywhere and and leave an end to come back too. You could hook it through and double up the yarn. Hook it through and pull through two loops. No rule. At the moment do what works for you. Continue reading Adding a new colour

See what happens when you scrumble!!!

Your first attempts at scrumbling will likely result in a scrumble jumble, especially if you are a crochet beginner. When you make more chains and more scrumbles, you will begin to see what is happening , especially if you experiment a bit more. Wha can you do?cc 1, Yarn over and hook into the same hole.What happens? 2, Yarn over and pick up some loops on your hook instead of just one. What happens? How do you get back to one loop again? You could yarn over and pull through 2 loops at a time. You could pull through more, … Continue reading See what happens when you scrumble!!!