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28 October
Play Time Challenge line bracelet
Use two colours joined together with a slip knot to begin.

26 October
Counted Necklace, add beads Playtime Challenge
Skills needed: Threading beads, chaining, slip stitch and the ability to keep count!Play Time Challenge Rose
Skills needed: chaining, slip stitch and ability to carefully scroll and sew into a rose.
Chain 51 to begin.
Chain hoops: chain 2. Miss one on foundation row. Slip st.Repeat.
The petals are worked into the loops as follows..
Chain 2, slip st into loop. 2 ch, pull through , repeat 4 times into loop.

22 October
Counted Necklace, add beads Playtime Challenge
Skills needed: Threading beads, chaining, slip stitch and the ability to keep count!More flowers : using craft wire

22 October
Another half round bracelet , using thin cotton and a larger hook.
Skill needed: chaining, picking up stitches/ pulling through, and slip stitch.

21 October
Play Time Brooch Challenge.
Platform crochet is simplified by using only a few stitches.
Chaining, slip stitch and cast on, cast off ( as in Tunisian forwards and back pass, see post, picking up stitches, 5/6 October )

How about a scrumble brooch?
If you are not a novice, then you may like to make two brooches. One at Platform level for teaching purposes and one more advanced. I loved Angels Paisley scrumble, did you spot it?

22 October
Counted Necklace, add beads Playtime Challenge
Skills needed: Threading beads, chaining, slip stitch and the ability to keep count!

21 October
Xmas idea, from big sister to little sister, or mum for young daughter. Time to pick up your hook again Nana!
A picture making set with lots of coloured flowers , butterflies, rainbows, sun, chained grass and leaves.
….any other thoughts on this? Trees? Birds? Ducks?Bees?hmmm?..

23 October
Playtime with crochet counters!
Will try picking up the back loops, they look more like wheels….see 11 October post.

22 October
After gazing at the previous picture of the house , I wondered about a garden?
Level 2 or 3 Play Time Challenge
Make a background with block of easy Tunisian. ( blue one 15 October post)
Use sewn on chains for garden beds and borders. Easy flowers, bugs and butterflies. Edge all round with half rounds chain.(12/11/16)

22 October
Love the idea of introducing buttons to Platform crochet. Level 2 or 3 Play Time challenge maybe. Sewing buttons on Spots or flowers!
About what age can a child sew on a button I wonder?
Can you remember sewing on your first button? My hubby can sew a button on!
Maybe time to start collecting buttons with big holes! For use with blunt ended needle.

20 October
Play Time
Level 2 ?
Skills needed: chaining, slip stitch, picking up stitches and pulling through, working into one hole.
Level 3 Play Time Challenge Beaded Necklace….add some beads!

19 October
Chain and slip stitch flower

19 October
Wall picture
Skills needed: chain , pick up 1 and slip stitch.
Freeform idea: the points on the sun are made by chaining 5, slip st into previous chain , chain 4. Could be used to shape petals or small leaves.
The flower petals are four chain , leave loop on hook, then hook into centre and chain 2, yarn over and pull through both loops on hook, chain 1,slip stitch2 on side of petal, slip stitch into centre.ooaahh…works well with 5 petals!

18 October
Play Time with a latch hook. The orange scrumble is easy. Only using chain,slip stitch,picking up stitches, cast on, and cast off.
The blue is bullion stitch, the latch hook is good for this, but is it too tricky for a beginner I wonder?

16 October
Tip: if you are making a block of Tunisian crochet.
Casting on is sometimes referred to as a forward pass and casting off as a return pass.
When casting off in twos, remember to cast off 1 at the beginning of the casting off. If you cast off only in twos the edge will be diagonal not straight. Diagonal is good though.
I love the way we can freeform scrumble with Tunisian because if you cast off more than two it starts to gather up.
I like to use the terms casting on and off as in knitting.

15 October
Tunisian crochet…another level, but these two stitches are easy ones.
The pink one is basic Tunisian stitch. When picking up stitches, hook into the upright stitch.
I found it here, simple stitch:

The blue one is the same .but I like to chain 1 after each stitch is picked up. I like this one, it grows quick and it’s not too tight.

8 October
Make a chain and yarn over and pull through loop on hook.
Hook into the next chain , yarn over and pull through loop. You will now have 2 loops on your hook.
Repeat yarn over and pulling up a loop from each chain, keeping all the loops on your hook.
CASTING OFF( or going back to one loop)
Yarn over and pull through 2 loops, yarn over and pull through the next 2 loops, repeat to the end until you have one loop remaining.

This would make a bracelet too!

12 October
Thread beads onto yarn. Chain 50 or 60. Slip stitch along chain. Pull bead up and chain 1 when you want to add a bead. Make a half round and add larger bead.

12 October
Make a needle to thread beads onto your yarn. Use very thin wire. Fold around your hook and turn the hook so the wire twists.

11 October
( skills needed, chain, picking up and casting off, slip stitch)
…..this is a scrumble in process! Not sure where it’s going , but there are definite possibilities!
First fold the green fancy chain in half….

11 October
Did you know there are two sides to a chain?
The orange chain shows the back which has loops along the middle.
It is quite tricky picking up these back loops on a chain but it does have a different effect.

11 October
I am calling these HALF ROUNDS.
To make this fancy chain you will need to be able to make a chain, pick up stitches and cast them all off at once.

Chain 20, pick up 10 stitches, cast off 10 all at once and repeat! Wow that is so easy!!

10 October
MAKE MORE AND MORE CHAINS ( until you can do it fast with your eyes closed 😜)
Tying yarn around your waste to anchor your chain may seem a bit undignified , try using a safety pin instead. Pin it to your jumper in front of you.

10 October

See PICKING UP STITCHES and CASTING OFF. (Purple photos in earlier post)

8 October
The petals have been made by making a chain of 5 and slip stitching back 4 along the chain. Using mohair yarn adds a different look.

8 October
This is a freeform scrumble.
It begins with a chain.
Sometimes stitches are worked along the sides with a slip stitch.
Sometime a few loops are kept on the hook and cast off 2 at a time.
Sometimes chain petals are worked into a hole made with a pen.
Sometimes chain loops are worked along the sides.

8 October
To make this bracelet.
Chain 30,
Slip stitch 15 along the side of the chain.
Make a hole in the chain with a pencil.
Chain 4 petals into the hole with a slip stitch into the hole.
Continue slip stitching along the chain to the end.
At the other end make a loop with a pencil.

8 October
Plain oval

8 October
You may want to try to keep your scrumble flat.

When you hook into your scrumble hook into a hole near to your last stitch

instead of hooking in just anywhere. Work around the outside of your scrumble.

There are no rules and you can’t make a mistake, just play with it and you will learn what is happening as you go along. Keep making chains as you work too.

start to keep loops on your hook. Yarn over and pull through them.

Use some different thicknesses of yarn which will add texture.

6 October
3 flower chain bracelet
Flowers in this bracelet are made with petals of 8 chains and slip stitched into the first chain.

6 October
First make a chain! You are probably good at this now. Make it loose, you could use a large hook.

When you are making your scrumble you may like to try keeping some loops on your hook.

First make a chain. Any length.

Then have fun picking up loops and keeping them on your hook.

Yarn over and pull through 2, 3 or more loops…. See what happens!


Hook in, Yarn over, grab and pull through.

Hook in same hole,

hook in, yarn over, grab and pull through again.

repeat as many times as you like.

start with just a few.

see what happens if you pull your yarn through some or all of them.
A chain and slip stitch scrumble.
Chain 12, slip stitch along both sides.
Continue round chaining 2 or 3 at each end.
Don’t worry if you miss a stitch….you may learn what happens if you do!

5 October

HOW? The real answer to this is any way you like!! Have yarn , have hook, begin!! ( this is the way a 3 year old made her scrumbles)

One way is to begin with a slip knot. ( I am sure there are utube videos on how to make a slip knot, will come back to this later)Then start chaining and hooking in anywhere.

If you are teaching 8 children, or 14 ladies , or just having a go yourself….
Cut 3 different coloured thick (double knitting is good)yarns about 2 or 3 yards long. Lay them together and fold in half, tie a double knot( or slip knot) in the middle.
Start you scrumble by inserting hook into the knot and yarn over and pull up a loop.
Now you have 6 yarns to choose from to make your first scrumble. Start by making a chain. Then hook in anywhere, yarn over hook and pull through loop on hook. Repeat.
You will soon run out yarn so attach your next length of yarn any way you like. No rules .

5 October
Picking up stitches
Make more scrumbles.
Once you have learned how to chain and you have had a go at making scrumbles, then you can make another scrumble…..
Now you can see what happens if you pick up some stitches and keep them on your hook.
COMING SOON….casting off stitches..

1 October

First make a short chain of 2 or 3 chains. ( you may use a large knitting needle to make the first chain bigger) This is your ring.

Chain 8 and then hook into the ring with a slip stitch.

Make 8 chain and hook into the ring again.

Repeat until you have lots of petals around your ring.

finish with a slip stitch.

1 October
The starting ring for your flower can be made a few ways.
1. You may use the first chain of your chain.make it bigger with your hook or a knitting needle.
2. You can use a slip knot.
3. You can make a magic ring.
There a few videos on utube showing how to make a slip knot or a magic ring.