How to make your first scrumble

1. Don’t be afraid,it is impossible to make a mistake. No dropped stitches here!
2. Keep the loop on the hook loose.
3. Try to keep the yarn in your hand taught and over your first finger.Thread it through your fingers. I like to anchor it it my hand with my little finger.
4. This is the fun part…. Hook in anywhere,make short chains and long chains. Put your hook into any hole that appears.Yarn over (then twist and grab yarn) and pull through loop.
5. Just remember as you discover what is happening that you are making a scrumble jumble.It can be any shape, flat, round,long,curved and bobbly. It can be any size.When you make your next one it will be a different shape.
6.The main thing is that it doesn’t have to look good, it is the process of discovering not the result that matters.
Scrumble jumbles can look like those above….


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