Playtime Challenges

Play Time Challenge line bracelet
Use two colours joined together with a slip knot to begin.

Play Time Challenge

Skills needed: chaining, slip stitch and ability to carefully scroll and sew into a rose.
Chain 51 to begin.
Chain hoops: chain 2. Miss one on foundation row. Slip st.Repeat.
The petals are worked into the loops as follows..
Chain 2, slip st into loop. 2 ch, pull through , repeat 4 times into loop.


COUNTED NECKLACE. add beads Playtime Challenge
Skills needed: Threading beads, chaining, slip stitch and the ability to keep count!

The “drops” on this necklace are made by making a chain and slip stitching back.

Begin with 2 chain, then 2 more and slip stitch 2 back. 1 chain. Repeat 5 times

Next chain 3, then slip stitch 3, 1 chain. Repeat 5 times.

Next 4 chain, then slip stitch 4, 1 chain. Repeat 5 times.

continue increasing this way until you have the desired length .

The centre droplet has an added number of chain linked to make a circle. Slip stitch around the circle and back along the chain.

Match up the other side of the necklace decreasing the length of the drops.

Another HALF ROUND BRACELET , using thin cotton and a larger hook.
Skill needed: chaining, picking up stitches/ pulling through, and slip stitch.


Chain 30,
Slip stitch 15 along the side of the chain.
Make a hole in the chain with a pencil.
Chain 4 petals into the hole with a slip stitch into the hole.
Continue slip stitching along the chain to the end.
At the other end make a loop with a pencil.



Flowers in this bracelet are made with petals of 8 chains and slip stitched into the first chain.image

EASY SQUARE  with a simple puff stitch design.
Hope it comes under the easy banner.
Level 3 maybe.
Start with a ring of 4 chains and a slip stitch to join.
Chain 2.
Platform Puff Stitch
1 chain on hook.
Hook into ring
Yarn over, pull up long loop,
Hook in again, pull up another loop,
Yarn over, pull up one more and through loops on hook.
Chain one,
Chain 3 at the corners and continue in a similar way to an ordinary granny square.

BROOCH Play Time Challenge.
Platform crochet is simplified by using only a few stitches.
Chaining, slip stitch and cast on, cast off ( as in Tunisian forwards and back pass, see post, picking up stitches, 5/6 October )

How about a scrumble brooch?
If you are not a novice, then you may like to make two brooches. One at Platform level for teaching purposes, kids love to wear things they have made, and one more advanced.

It is so easy to pin it on with a safety pin. Maybe add a central button or a few beads.


COUNTED NECKLACE…..add beads Playtime Challenge.

Skills needed: Threading beads, chaining, slip stitch and the ability to keep count!

Skills needed: chain , pick up 1 and slip stitch.
Freeform idea: the points on the sun are made by chaining 5, slip st into previous chain , chain 4. Could be used to shape petals or small leaves.
The flower petals are four chain , leave loop on hook, then hook into centre and chain 2, yarn over and pull through both loops on hook, chain 1,slip stitch2 on side of petal, slip stitch into centre.ooaahh…works well with 5 petals!

Counted Necklace, add beads Playtime Challenge
Skills needed: Threading beads, chaining, slip stitch and the ability to keep count!